The following are select poems written by Matt Nelson.

Gift of Faces

Bring me the face of a chicken
Where is my glass of milk?
Your mother has all my pencils
She is colouring in some silk

Can you give me a face please?
I only want nine or ten
Any face is a good face
Whether panda, bear, fish or hen

Just put that face in my bag
I will be on my way
Twelve new faces in my possession
Every new face makes my day

The End

Ouch My Heart Has a Harpoon In It Now

Ouch my heart has a harpoon in it now
Can you even believe it
How did I get a harpoon in my heart?
I hope I find out in a bit

First I need to fill a box
With every piece of cake I see
Inside my enemy's house
Where I suddenly find me

But my enemy is a harpooner
The best in all the lands
And now my heart is harpooned
The other end is in their hands

I shouldn't have taken cake
from the very best harpooner
If I didn't die right now
I'd take it from a spooner

Because what is a spooner
Going to do that is that bad?
Spoon you? Scoop you a little?
Ain't the worst I've had

The End

Cliffs In My Daughter's Face

I took my daughter by the face
I put her face in the wilderness
She fancies herself a housebuilder
So I wanted to test her builderness

She built a tee pee out of straw
And the dreams of a bear
And I threw a piano at it
Which wasn't very fair

All she wanted was to build
A house for her husband Sid
Now there's cliffs in my daughters face
And they gave away their kid

The End

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